Registering on the site

Do I need to register on the site to upload documents and make an order?

Yes, you will need to register your details on the site before you can make any orders.

How many logins can my organisation have?

Currently there are no restrictions on the amount of logins available per organisation.

If you know of someone who may benefit from using this service, please ask them to visit our homepage to register their details.

My account

What happens if I change personal details or address?

If you change your name, address, job title or the organisation changes its name you will need to update the details in your "My account" menu. Select the "My account" link from the site navigation bar to reach your "My account" menu.

To change personal details select the menu option "change my personal details" and fill in the form provided. Select the update button. Your new details will now be shown.

To change your address select the "change my address" link from your "My account" menu. You will need to enter yo0ur house name or number and post code as for registration. Once the correct address is shown select the update button. Your new details will now be shown.

What do I do if I change my email address?

If you change your email address you will need to update the information in your account. Login as usual with your old email address. Select the "My account" link from the site navigation bar to reach your "My account" menu. From here, select the menu option "change my email address" and fill in the form provided. Select the update button and your email address will be changed.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password using the options in your account menu. Select the link "My account" from the site navigation bar. From here, select the menu option "change my password" and fill in the form provided. Select the update button and your password will be changed. You will need this new password the next time you login to the site.

Documents and accessibility

What can I do if my document doesn't meet the service criteria?

We have a team of account managers who can work with you to assess your transcription requirements, give advice on how best to produce your information and manage this for you through RNIB Transcription Services. Please contact Disability Access Services by email at or call them directly on 01733 375370.

What is the difference between Uncontracted (Grade 1) and Contracted (Grade 2) Braille?

We work using Unified English Braille, which is available in Uncontracted and Contracted. Uncontracted Braille uses one braille cell to represent each letter that is written with no abbreviations. Contracted Braille uses contractions, which take up less space; so one braille cell could represent a series of letters word signs or short forms.

If my customer hasn't stated which grade of Braille they require, what should I order?

The sure way to find the answer to this question is to ask your customer. However please see below for a general guide on what type of Braille people commonly use:

  • Most people who use Uncontracted (Grade 1) Braille are typically learning to read by touch, so could be young people or people who have lost their sight late in life.
  • Most experienced Braille readers will prefer Contracted (Grade 2) Braille, as it is much quicker to read.

How should I layout my documents?

A good document will not exceed 6000 words in length and should not contain diagrams, photographs, complex tables, complex formatting or logos. Simple tables can be included within the document. Documents should also meet the following criteria:

  • Will not exceed 150Kb in file size if the document has a .doc extension. These documents are normally produced in Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier versions.
  • Will not exceed 15Kb in file size if the document as a .docx entension. These documents are produced in Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions.

Any other document types such as rich text files, documents produced in Open Source Office cannot be uploaded on this website.

Example of a good document - Word 2003 version (new window)
Example of a good document - Word 2007-2010 version (new window)

Can I use diagrams or tables in my document?

Simple tables can be used (see our example of a good document) but complex tables and documents containing diagrams, photographs, complex formatting or coloured logos cannot be used.

Hint: If the picture/logo does not add anything significant to the understanding of your document, you could delete the picture and then load the document with your text only.

How can I find out the file size or word count of my document?

Make sure that the file you wish to use is opened in Ms Word. Select ‘Tools’ from the menu bar, and choose ‘Word Count’ the amount of words will then be displayed, along with other information such as amount of characters etc. You can find out the size of your document by selecting the right mouse button on the file, select ‘properties’ it should then display your file size.

What should I name the document I would like to upload?

You should name your document with a relevant title. The document name should not exceed 20 characters in length and should not include any special characters.

Making an order

What is the minimum/maximum font size I can select?

The minimum font size you can select is ‘Large print’ 16 and the maximum font size is ‘Large Print’ 24.

How quickly can I expect to receive my document once purchased?

Orders will be dispatched within 2 working days of receipt of order. Depending on external factors such as bank holidays and Royal Mail delivery times you should receive your document between 3-5 working days from placing your order. If you have not received your order please contact us by telephone or email:

Is there a limit to the amount of orders I can place?

There is not a maximum limit of orders that you can place. However, it is important to note that a maximum of 10 documents can be uploaded in a single order and a maximum of 10 copies of each document can be ordered in a single order.

When will I receive my invoice?

All orders will be invoiced to the registered account holder upon dispatch. If you do not receive your invoice call our Disability and Access team on 01733 375370 or email

What do I do if I wish to cancel my order?

You may cancel an order at any time prior to confirming your order on the website. However, once your order has been placed, due to the bespoke nature of the service and the quick turnaround times, you cannot cancel your order.

Can I amend my order once placed?

Orders can be amended at any time before confirming your order on the website. Please ensure all details are correct before placing your order. Once your order has been placed it will be too late to amend your order.

How will my order be dispatched?

All orders are dispatched using first class post.

All items will be dispatched independently even if going to the same delivery address.

We do not use Freepost Articles for the Blind as the Postage & Packaging charge is covered in the overall cost of your document.

I would like to feed back some comments I have about this service, what do I need to do?

We always value feedback on our services, so please take the time to reflect your experience in using this service via the email link on our webpage, or you can respond directly by email to

We will also prompt you to provide feedback upon dispatch of your order in the order dispatch email. We value feedback on your level of satisfaction with the overall service, so please take the time to complete this form too.

If you have any comments to make about RNIB's WebDocs service, please contact us by telephone or email:

If you get this message then you are probably using Internet Explorer 8. You get this message when you move between secure and non-secure pages on a website. You will notice the url starts with https:// when the page is secured with SSL. You can stop this message appearing by doing the following:

  • Go to Tools, Internet Option, Security
  • Select the Security Tab
  • Select the Custom Level button
  • In the Miscellaneous section, change Display Mixed content to Enable.


Is the site secure?

All personal and financial details are handled in a secure area of the RNIB WebDocs website. Please also refer to our security and privacy policy.

How do I make a payment?

Payment currently made by invoice. To purchase an order from the WebDocs website, you must be a business.

How much does the WebDocs service cost?

The costs for the service are:

Document Format Initial Copy Each additional copy ordered at the same time as the initial copy
Audio CD £12.00 £5.50
Large Print £12.50 £5.50
Braille £14.00 £5.50

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate where applicable. The postage & packaging charge is included in the overall price of your document.

What about paying for Postage & Packing?

The Postage & Packaging charge is included in the overall price of your document.


How do I logout?

You can select the logout link in the left hand navigation, when logged in, which will log you out and take you back to the Welcome page.

Why do I automatically get logged out of the website?

If you don't use the website for a period of at least thirty minutes whilst logged in, you will automatically be logged out. This is a security feature to make sure you don't remain logged in if you are no longer using the site and have forgotten to log out.

RNIB business service

How can my company benefit from using RNIB business services?

RNIB offers many services, encompassing a wide range of disability solutions, tailored to suit the needs of your company.

We can provide advice and practical solutions to help you ensure you reach more customers by making your products and services more accessible.

Our range of business services includes:

  • Training courses for disability and visual awareness, documents, websites, IT, environments, products and more.
  • Accessible information support to enable as many customers as possible to read about your products and services, including our professional transcription service for Braille, audio and large print formats.
  • Product design support and a range of products to purchase.
  • Website accessibility design audits, training and consultancy.
  • Software accessibility audits, training and consultancy.
  • Accessible environments, buildings, signage and way finding.
  • Employment services, retention, recruitment and retraining.
  • Educational services for children and adults.
  • Corporate sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
  • Advertising in RNIB publications to reach individuals and professionals.

To find out more about our business services, please contact our Business Development Team using the contact details below:

Business Development Team
RNIB Innovation and Disability Access Services
PO Box 173
Telephone: 01733 375345

I would like to get involved in raising funds for RNIB

RNIB does not receive any government funding and we rely on charitable donations from individuals and organisations. There are lots of brilliant ways to get involved please follow the links below to find out about activities for individuals and organisations.

I have a query that has not been answered above.

Please contact us using the details below:

Need help? Please contact our Disability Access Team on 01733 375370.